Travel Possibilities

Travel Possibilities

Hosted by: Cali O'Connor

There is more to life than living for the weekend and trying to strategically finagle your vacation time to coincide with holidays so you can travel for longer. There are ways to bring more travel into your life. It...


Intro to Season 3: Travel Jobs and my Travel Job Story

Season #3 Episode #1

Season 3 is all about travel jobs, but this term has several connotations. Travel jobs canĀ move you to new places, they can be seasonal roles in cool places with an off season that allows you to travel freely, or they...
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Travel Job Story: How to Get a Job on a Yacht with Janessa Klatt

Season #3 Episode #2

Ā  Interested in a cool travel job at sea? Today I am talking yacht life with my guest Janessa Klatt. Janessa isĀ a Canadian who has always had a desire for adventure. From studying abroad in Australia, backpacking solo...
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Travel Job Story: Playing Professional Basketball Internationally with Angela Lewis

Season #3 Episode #3

What if your basketball career didn't have to end after college? My guest today, Angela Lewis, tells us about how she started playing basketball overseas and how it changed the trajectory of her life! Angela Lewis is...
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Travel Job Story: Seasonal Work to Maximize Your Travels with Candice Kalb

Season #3 Episode #4

My guest today is Candice Kalb talking all about seasonal jobs. Candice has been working seasonally for over 15 years in a variety of jobs. In this episode, we will be diving into her work as a wilderness guide and...
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Travel Job Story: Working on a Cruise Ship and in an International Theme Park with Sherilyn Carter

Season #3 Episode #5

Check out this incredible interview with Sherilyn Carter. She has worked a variety of travel jobs which brought her to new countries while earning an income. We go deep into her roles at Disneyland Paris and on Disney...
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Travel Job Story: Work Exchange as a Dog Sledding Guide in Swedish Lapland with Ellie Hindley

Season #3 Episode #6

My guest today is Ellie Hindley talking all about her incredible Workaway experience as a dog sledding guide in northern Sweden. She spent two stints as a guide during her two year career break. Want to learn more...
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Travel Job Story: Turning a Background in Graphic Design into a Global Career with Fernando Cabestany

Season #3 Episode #7

My guest today isĀ Fernando Cabestany.Ā Ā  Fernando Cabestany is a multidisciplinary designer. He helps companies grow through branding and design. Originally from Mexico City, his work is influenced by the different...
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Travel Job Story: Teaching English in South Korea with Niki Brogen

Season #3 Episode #8

My guest today isĀ Niki Brogen, a former Elementary School English Teacher that taught in South Korea for 3 and a half years with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Design and a minor in Business. She was...
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Travel Job Story: Life as a Flight Attendant for a Regional Airline with Josh Mojica

Season #3 Episode #9

My guest today, Josh Mojica, is a flight attendant for the largest regional airline in the US, a travel photographer, and a nonprofit founder. He's beenĀ flight attendant for almost 10 years. Thanks to his flight...
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Travel Job Story: Flight Nanny Transporting Puppies to their Owners with Makena Moody

Season #3 Episode #10

Today we are discussing the unique travel job of being a flight nanny with my guest Makena Moody.Ā  At just 21 years old, Kena has transported over 165 puppies to their owners across the United States. As a such...
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Travel Job Story: Humanitarian Aid Work in Some of the World's Most Dangerous Places with Emilie Greenhalgh

Season #3 Episode #11

Today's episode is so inspiring. My guest Emilie Greenhalgh has lived and worked in some of the notoriously most dangerous places in the world all in the act of service. Emilie is a humanitarian aid worker who has...
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Travel Job Story: Living and Working Abroad as a US Diplomat with Justine King

Season #3 Episode #12

My guest Justine King is a Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State. This job allows you to live and work around the world, receiving a new post every couple of years! Justine is a U.S. Diplomat for the...
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