Travel Job Story: Working on a Cruise Ship and in an International Theme Park with Sherilyn Carter

Season #3 Episode #5

Check out this incredible interview with Sherilyn Carter. She has worked a variety of travel jobs which brought her to new countries while earning an income. We go deep into her roles at Disneyland Paris and on Disney Cruise Lines. Learn the highs and lows of cruise ship life.

Sherilyn is a social media content and confidence coach. She specializes in supporting women to dig deep and grow through developing a personal brand or elevating their business using social media marketing. Her passion for helping women with confidence stems from her own personal experiences and she has a mission to inspire women to step out of their comfort zones to achieve the things that they desire most. She is a self-confessed travel addict and uses travel as a way to learn and experience different cultures and encourages others to do the same and running a remote business allows her to travel in a way she couldn't before. She recently moved to Bali and is running her business from there!

This year she also launched her own group travel business through her travel brand - Travel Addicts UK.

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Sherilyn's Instagram

The Travel Addicts' Website

The Travel Addicts' Instagram

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