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Because life’s too short to spend it behind a desk

Travel Shifters will help you escape burnout by planning an intentional, well-deserved career break that aligns with your goals.

Learn from the best! 

Hi there! Cali here, your career break coach!

I help working professionals find clarity in their lives by taking a career break that gives them the freedom to travel, explore, and realign with their life goals.  

I think Blink 182 said it best when they exclaimed, “Late night, come home. Work sucks, I know.” 

I think we ALL felt that lyric. And maybe it hit you a little too close to home (I know it did for me)

Cali, Travel Shifters, Career Break Coach Smiles At Camera Outside Over looking Water

But guess what? It DOESN’T have to be like that! 

↓                ↓                  

We are spoon-fed from childhood that the social norm is to go to college, get a job, work until 65+, retire and THEN go on some sort of leisure travel (since the days of adventure waved you goodbye while you were sitting at the job you hated.)

 That just sounds uninspiring, doesn’t it? 

Well friend, I have the powerful solution to RESET your life...

Insert a Career Break.  

When planned with the utmost intention, a career break can change your entire life. 

I need a career break!

I say this with total confidence because I’ve been there, done that, and now have taken nearly 3 years worth of career breaks!  

Cali, Career Break Coach, Walks Outside.

I’m a recovering corporate hustler. I didn’t realize it, but...

I was addicted to hard work and the praise that came along with it. It fueled this self-induced stress spiral, which ultimately led me to a breaking point (can you relate?)

I was distracted by my achievements, but a day didn’t go by without me wishing I was somewhere else. I couldn’t see myself continuing on this trajectory nor could I envision a position in that company where I’d be happy (despite 4 promotions in 3 years!) I needed A BREAK →


So, I left and pursued the ONLY thing I cared about...TRAVEL! 

While traveling the world for 2.5 years, for the first time in my life, I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. I will never forget the feeling that overcame me from my window seat on my flight to Nairobi,


Those years were a whirlwind of adventures, new places, and new faces. I felt ALIVE. I was actually LIVING


Cali, Show Me How!

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Let me ask you, when describing your current job + career, what comes to mind?    






Why tolerate a job that leaves you drained? If you could be doing anything else right now (no matter how unrealistic it may feel), what would you be doing? Traveling the world? A career break is the BEST way to travel the world on a deep level, finally give you the time and freedom to truly experience life. 

And I know you may have doubts, fears, and confusion about taking a career break. 

But that’s why I am here. I’ve done it before, I’ve made the mistakes, had the experience, and know how to help you plan a successful career break (and re-entry into the workforce AFTER your career break!) 

If you dream of traveling and exploring, then now's your time.


I’m ready to plan my career break!
Career Break Coach Cali Looking At Camera
Career break Mentor Cali Gets Ready For a Trip With Backpack and Bag.
Career Break Mentor Hiking and Looking at Outside Waterfall

What have I gained through my career break experiences?  

I developed a new level of self-confidence and self-reliance that served me when transitioning back into the workforce. 

After my first career break, I was ready to find a job that lit me up. After a very short job search, I received countless interviews and 3 job offers, including one that ticked every box on my list!

And even though I was pleased with this next job, about a year and a half later I had this overall feeling that this wasn’t the right fit anymore. 

So I followed my instincts and took my second career break.

  • This break was much slower and more intentional. 
  • I traveled but devoted time and space for personal growth.
  • I built connections with myself which led to deep internal work, reflection, and ultimately a more impactful experience.
This also led me to my final calling and ultimate passion.

Career break coaching and living life as a digital nomad

I love helping people just like you plan a career break that lights you up from the inside out. Showing you how to do it and being your #1 supporter! 


If you’re ready to take a career break and find clarity in your life trajectory - I am here for you. I will guide and support you every step of the way. Whether you want to: 

  • Start planning your career break
  • Gain clarity on the next steps
  • Work on your mindset, talk about financial planning, logistics, etc.
  • Or something else

My career break coaching will answer all your questions and give you the confidence you need to take an intentional career break that fully aligns with your goals.

Let’s Work Together!