Travel Job Story: Teaching English in South Korea with Niki Brogen

Season #3 Episode #8

My guest today is Niki Brogen, a former Elementary School English Teacher that taught in South Korea for 3 and a half years with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Design and a minor in Business. She was responsible for educating grades 3 through 6 (700+ students per week!) as well as organizing weekend teaching programs. Although the role was incredibly life-changing, Niki knew it was time to return to the USA this past February 2022 to start the next chapter of her life. Currently, she is producing 2 Podcasts : Anime Go! & Melanin Muses, Building her Art Portfolio, Designing her own website, as well as building her career as a Voice Actress among many other projects.

Our conversation is filled with excellent tidbits and advice on how to join the EPIK program in South Korea, but also the realities of packing up a life at home and moving abroad. There are highs and lows and Niki honestly reflects on her triumphs and hardships as she navigated it all.

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