Travel Job Story: How to Get a Job on a Yacht with Janessa Klatt

Season #3 Episode #2


Interested in a cool travel job at sea? Today I am talking yacht life with my guest Janessa Klatt.

Janessa is a Canadian who has always had a desire for adventure. From studying abroad in Australia, backpacking solo in Europe, driving across the country alone for a job, and moving to a new country with just a carry-on, yachting seemed like the perfect new challenge for her. This might have sounded CRAZY for a girl who grew up completely land-locked, but she navigated the pandemic and fought gender stereotypes to land her first job as a deckhand. Since then she has been paid to travel the world by boat, rent-free! It is definitely not a glamorous lifestyle.

In this episode we talk all about the ups and downs plus how you could get started too.

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