Travel Possibilities

Travel Possibilities

Hosted by: Cali O'Connor

There is more to life than living for the weekend and trying to strategically finagle your vacation time to coincide with holidays so you can travel for longer. There are ways to bring more travel into your life. It...


Intro to Season 2: Remote Work and is it Right for You?

Season #2 Episode #1

Welcome to Season 2 of the Travel Possibilities Podcast. This season is all about Remote Work, another way that will allow you to bring more travel into your life. This episode is a brief intro to the season....
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My Remote Work Story

Season #2 Episode #2

In this episode, I continue my personal story from Season 1 and share all about the remote jobs I've held over the course of my travels. There were reasons they worked at the time and reasons I needed to move on from...
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The BIGGEST Mistake You Can Make While Looking for Remote Work

Season #2 Episode #3

If you are considering a remote job, you can't miss this episode. I see it time and time again. The biggest mistake that people make when seeking a remote job. I won't spoil it, you'll just have to listen! If you...
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Types of Remote Work: Full-time vs. Flexible Jobs

Season #2 Episode #4

Sometimes our societal conditioning kicks in hard and we believe the only way to work remotely is to find an employer who offers this kind of work and still work full-time, climbing that corporate ladder. That doesn't...
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Where to Look for Remote Work

Season #2 Episode #5

I so often hear that people want a remote job, but they tend to treat this job search like any other, using the usual players like Indeed and LinkedIn. It's a lot easier to get your job search started than you may...
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Networking to Find a Remote Job

Season #2 Episode #6

Networking. The idea alone is enough to stop an introvert from even trying to find a job. I know because I've been there. BUT, I assure you this is the BEST way to find a job, remote or otherwise. And honestly, it's...
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Time Saving Job Application Tips for Remote Work or Any Job

Season #2 Episode #7

Many of us have the belief that more applications we submit, the more interviews we'll get. Honestly, it's a little backwards and I go more into detail in today's episode! If you enjoyed today's episode and had...
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What are Transferable Skills and Do I Have Any?

Season #2 Episode #8

I very often hear, "I want a remote job BUT my background is in x, y, or z and I can't do that remotely." Trust me, if your goal is remote work, you can 100% find something with the skills you already have. If you...
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Remote Work Story: How to Find a Job to Fit Your Travel Lifestyle with Kasey from KaseyMeetsWorld

Season #2 Episode #10

My guest today is Kasey from KaseyMeetsWorld. Kasey is a full-time digital nomad, working remotely while traveling the world. She's been to 23 countries and also creates content to inspire other solo female travelers...
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Remote Work Story: Requesting to Work Remotely BEFORE the Pandemic with Sonjia Mackey

Season #2 Episode #11

My guest today is Sonjia “Lioness” Mackey, a powerful and dynamic keynote speaker; two-time Amazon best-selling author; purpose-to-profit life coach; and mindset master (“IEat Fear for Breakfast!”). However, she is...
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Remote Work Story: From NYC to the Caribbean Island of Grenada, Same Job, New Location with Sarah Firisen

Season #2 Episode #12

My guest today is Sarah Firisen. Sarah is a passionate technologist. She works in sales for the RPA software company UiPath. Beyond her day job, she's very interested in how technology is changing the future of work...
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Remote Work Story: If You Don't Ask, the Answer is No with Stephanie from Elleventurer

Season #2 Episode #13

My guest today is Stephanie from Elleventurer. Stephanie is a female solo traveler. She's always loved to travel and has seen some of the world already but just on vacation. She now works remotely and is free to work...
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