Travel Possibilities

Travel Possibilities

Hosted by: Cali O'Connor

There is more to life than living for the weekend and trying to strategically finagle your vacation time to coincide with holidays so you can travel for longer. There are ways to bring more travel into your life. It...


Travel Story: Going on a Date in Every Country with Loni James

Season #4 Episode #1

My guest today is Loni James, a writer, storyteller and adventurer. She quit her job almost 1 year ago and started traveling full-time. She decided to go on a date in every country as a way to meet people and learn...
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Travel Story: It's Never Too Late to Quit Your Job and Travel the World with Cindy Sheahan

Season #4 Episode #2

Get ready to be inspired by my guest Cindy Sheahan! In 2017, Cindy realized she wasn't getting any younger, the time was right and, "if not now, when?" so she quit her perfectly good job, packed a backpack and headed...
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Travel Story: From Probation to Traveling the World and Living Abroad with Jazzie Mas

Season #4 Episode #3

My guest today, Jazzie Más, is a stand up comedian, expat consultant & content creator. She’s lived in 6 countries the last 5 years and is the owner of Black Digital Nomad a resource site for digital nomads of...
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