Travel Possibilities

Travel Possibilities

Hosted by: Cali O'Connor

There is more to life than living for the weekend and trying to strategically finagle your vacation time to coincide with holidays so you can travel for longer. There are ways to bring more travel into your life. It...


Travel Story: Going on a Date in Every Country with Loni James

Season #4 Episode #1

My guest today is Loni James, a writer, storyteller and adventurer. She quit her job almost 1 year ago and started traveling full-time. She decided to go on a date in every country as a way to meet people and learn...
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Travel Story: It's Never Too Late to Quit Your Job and Travel the World with Cindy Sheahan

Season #4 Episode #2

Get ready to be inspired by my guest Cindy Sheahan! In 2017, Cindy realized she wasn't getting any younger, the time was right and, "if not now, when?" so she quit her perfectly good job, packed a backpack and headed...
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Travel Story: From Probation to Traveling the World and Living Abroad with Jazzie Mas

Season #4 Episode #3

My guest today, Jazzie Más, is a stand up comedian, expat consultant & content creator. She’s lived in 6 countries the last 5 years and is the owner of Black Digital Nomad a resource site for digital nomads of...
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Travel Story: Refusing to Settle--Unmarried, Child-free, and Nomadic with Julie B. Rose

Season #4 Episode #4

My guest today is Julie B. Rose. She has been solo traveling full-time since selling her house and most of her belongings in 2020. In late 2021, she quit her high-profile corporate remote job in social media to take a...
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Travel Story: Full-time Travel as a Married Couple with Helen and Tim Schuckers

Season #4 Episode #5

My guests today are Helen and Tim of Helen and Tim Travel. Helen and Tim are full-time adventure travelers based in the Pacific Northwest. They left their 9 to 5 jobs in January 2023 to travel the world. They have...
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Travel Story: Going Nomadic and Traveling with Type 1 Diabetes with Jason Robinson

Season #4 Episode #6

My guest today is Jason Robinson. Jason didn’t see his 3rd country until age 40, and over a few years did some super methodical experiments to push his comfort zone. He decided to go nomadic, then 8 months later COVID...
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Travel Story: Living in Hotels Full-Time on a Weekly Budget of $500 with Ashley McCurdy

Season #4 Episode #7

My guest this week is Ashley McCurdy.  After losing her job, she got rid of my apartment in Los Angeles to travel the world and live in hotels (usually Marriott) full-time and vlog about her experiences on her YouTube...
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Travel Story: How to Take an Adult Gap Year with Rachael Levine

Season #4 Episode #8

Rachael Levine is 30 years old and living in Austin, TX. Inspired by a love of travel and desire to see more of the world while she is still (relatively) young and childfree, she decided to embark on her own "adult...
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Travel Story: Traveling to 100 Countries with the 7th Worst Passport in the World with Maliha Fairooz

Season #4 Episode #9

Maliha is a dynamic, Bangladeshi adventurer who has travelled to a 100 countries, being only the third woman to reach this milestone with a Bangladeshi passport! Maliha is on a quest to visit all 197 countries and...
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Travel Story: Traveling the World as a Wheelchair User with Kristin Secor

Season #4 Episode #10

Kristin Secor was born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy which affects her strength, balance, endurance, and breathing. Despite her health challenges, she has not let them deter her from pursuing her love of...
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Travel Story: Traveling through Grief and Becoming a Travel Author with Ryan Crain

Season #4 Episode #11

Ryan Crain is a first-time author, explorer, and entrepreneur who was born and raised in Mustang, Oklahoma. His travels have been featured on CNN, The Boston Globe, NPR, and many more. Gravel Roads is his debut book,...
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Travel Story: A Year-long Travel Sabbatical before the Influence of Social Media with Zya Be

Season #4 Episode #12

Zya Be is a curious explorer at heart, whether exploring remote corners of the world or the depth of her own being. Taking a year long solo trip around the world at 30, before the influences of smartphones and social...
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