Travel Job Story: Humanitarian Aid Work in Some of the World's Most Dangerous Places with Emilie Greenhalgh

Season #3 Episode #11

Today's episode is so inspiring. My guest Emilie Greenhalgh has lived and worked in some of the notoriously most dangerous places in the world all in the act of service.

Emilie is a humanitarian aid worker who has lived and worked in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Niger. In late 2019, burnt out from the stress of living in these places and managing huge projects with impossible deadlines, she quit her full-time job to travel the world and write a memoir about her experiences. Then, as we all know, the pandemic shut down the world. Emilie was in Lombok, Indonesia at the time and decided to wait it out on the small island of Gili Air. After she finished writing her book, she wasn't ready to go back to a full-time job that dictated where she lived. She'd always dreamed of becoming a consultant but thought it would only be possible after she'd accrued 20+ years of experience. However, in order to stay location independent, she decided she would give it a try. Two years later, she has so much work that she has to turn down offers. Now, she mainly writes multimillion dollar project proposals for NGOs and does research around gender and social inclusion issues. She has also recently started trauma-informed transformational life coaching and is a yoga teacher. In her spare time, she writes articles for publications such as Newsweek and Lonely Planet.

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