Travel Possibilities

Travel Possibilities

Hosted by: Cali O'Connor

There is more to life than living for the weekend and trying to strategically finagle your vacation time to coincide with holidays so you can travel for longer. There are ways to bring more travel into your life. It...


Travel Job Story: Travel and Make Money with a Working Holiday Visa with Geneva Lutomski

Season #3 Episode #13

Today's episode highlights an amazing travel opportunity for travelers in their 20s. We talk all about the working holiday visa and Geneva Lutomski's experiences living and working in Australia and New Zealand and her...
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Travel Job Story: How to Become a Travel Advisor with Jen Tenzer

Season #3 Episode #14

Jen Tenzer of the The Soloist is back on the podcast today discussing how to become a travel advisor. If you missed her first episode on the pod, we talk all about her career in finance and how she decided to leave it...
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Travel Job Story: Prioritizing Long-term Travel as a Travel Nurse Anesthetist with Cherene Saradar

Season #3 Episode #15

My guest, Cherene Saradar, is a travel nurse anesthetist or nurse anesthesiologist (CRNA). It's like being a travel nurse except in her speciality (anesthesia) which is a type of advanced practice nursing. There is a...
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Travel Job Story: Working as a Camp Counselor at an International Summer Camp with Bethany Wright

Season #3 Episode #16

My guest today is Bethany Wright, an international summer camp counselor. Bethany is a British female living in Toronto. She has been in the summer camp industry for over a decade and is truly passionate about summer...
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Travel Job Story: Working Overseas for the US Air Force as a Civilian with Daira Rodriguez

Season #3 Episode #17

Daira Rodriguez is a Contracting Officer who is approaching 11 years working for the Air Force as a civilian. Originally she was hired as an office intern, but eventually was admitted to the “Copper Cap” program, and...
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Travel Job Story: Living and Working Abroad as an Au Pair with Lu Colmenares

Season #3 Episode #18

Born and raised in Venezuela, my guest Lu Colmenares is a Latina traveler, podcaster, speaker, psychology student that first emigrated to the U.S as an Au pair back in 2014. In today's episode we talk all about the...
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Travel Job Story: Traveling to Antarctica while Working for the US Antarctic Program with Amanda Maughmer

Season #3 Episode #19

My guest today Amanda Maughmer never intentionally planned on traveling to Antarctica for work, but when she was laid off from her previously role, the US Antarctic Program was eager to bring her on as a Business...
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Travel Job Story: Traveling the World as a Television Producer with Freddie Shires

Season #3 Episode #20

Freddie Shires is a TV producer/cameraman/editor who mainly works in sports, travelling around to various major global events in places like Thailand, Israel, Bahrain and many more. Learn more about Freddie: Running...
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How to Find a Travel Job

Season #3 Episode #21

In the season 3 finale, to wrap up our season-long discussion on travel jobs, I summarize some key takeaways that showed up time and time again in the interviews this season! Success leaves clues, so listen to this...
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