Travel Job Story: Travel and Make Money with a Working Holiday Visa with Geneva Lutomski

Season #3 Episode #13

Today's episode highlights an amazing travel opportunity for travelers in their 20s. We talk all about the working holiday visa and Geneva Lutomski's experiences living and working in Australia and New Zealand and her travels beyond those regions.

Geneva is a Travel & Work Abroad Coach helping clients navigate their work and travel opportunities throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia. Having lived, traveled and worked abroad for 7+ years, Geneva has visited 49 countries and is on a mission to help those in their 20’s and 30’s explore the world through Working Holiday Visas, long-term backpacking trips and international work exchanges. Through her business, Unwrap Your Map®, Geneva guides aspiring adventurers in turning travel goals into reality through practical planning and effective budgeting, leading to life-changing experiences abroad.

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