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Where to Search for Remote Jobs: The ONLY Site You Need for Your Remote Work Search

remote work Oct 26, 2022

I hear it all the time, "I'm looking for a remote job, but all the job posts are spam." Or, "the jobs aren't actually remote." Complaint after complaint. And the reason? You aren't searching in the right place.

Best Place to Find Remote Jobs

LinkedIn and Indeed are great job boards. We can't deny that. But they've built their success off of traditional jobs and traditional job postings. Remote can mean different things to different people and when the job board isn't set up to fully communicate the actual "remote-ness" of the role, the poster just does the best they can with the infrastructure the established job board provides.

So, if you are looking for a remote job, you MUST visit a job board that specializes in remote jobs. Just like if you needed a hip replacement you wouldn't be seeking a cardiac surgeon. They are good at what they are good at, but no sense mixing and matching.

If you are seeking a remote job, you need to start with FlexJobs.

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is the best, most robust site to start your remote job search. Job postings are vetted (unlike the usual players like Indeed and LinkedIn) and carefully categorized indicating hybrid, remote, where you must be based, work from anywhere, and more. Right now they have nearly 30,000 job listings for nearly 6000 companies. If you are saying there aren't remote jobs out there, you simply aren't looking in the right place.

Is FlexJobs Worth It?

Sure there are free job boards out there and even free remote job boards, but the thing is, FlexJobs is the most comprehensive, one-stop-shop if you're seeking remote, work from home, or hybrid work. By paying the small fee to join, you are supporting their mission in providing vetted job postings to the masses. 

You can waste time sifting through all the spam or you can spend $40 for 3 whole months and have that heavy lifting done for you. At $3ish per week, I think it is a no-brainer if you are serious about finding remote work (they have different options as well). Not to mention, your investment will be returned in just an hour or two of work at your brand new job once hired.

Plus, FlexJobs offers discount codes all the time so you can save even more. 

I haven't felt more strongly about a job board, well, ever. 

It only makes sense to simplify your remote job search by joining FlexJobs and you can thank me later ;)


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