Should I Quit My Job to Travel?

career break remote work Mar 11, 2022

Career Break vs. Remote Work

Ahhh, the age old question. Ok, let's be real. This is a new problem to have. It honestly isn't something a ton of people had been considering, but thanks to the pandemic we finally realize we have options. We finally realize jobs don't need to be done from an office. We finally realize life is short and the world can change at any moment.

So, if you are reading this, you may be fed up with your current job. The logically minded version of you is saying, "we could just get a remote job so we can travel AND make money." (you know, we referring to you and your brain) But your heart and body may be going in a different direction. "We're just SO tired. We need a break. We need to reset."

The key here is not to follow your brain just for the sake of following your brain. In this scenario, don't THINK. FEEL what feels best for you. Envision your future. Envision your ideal lifestyle. 

For some people, that sense of stability that comes from a regular paycheck is the ideal lifestyle. For others, the sense of freedom and the realization that uncertainty actually means unlimited possibilities is what gets them excited.

An exercise I like to do with my students and clients is identifying your personal core values. And not just picking a dozen words out of a hat. Really digging deep into the past and recognizing what they value as individuals. Once you determine one or two, decision making becomes EASY.

Making Decisions Based on Your Personal Core Values

When you have one or two guiding principles in your life, each decision you are faced with can be broken down as follows. I will use one of my core values as an example: Freedom.

When faced with a decision, I simply ask myself, "will this give me more or less freedom than I have right now?" If the answer is more, then it sounds like a great opportunity. If the answer is less, then I will likely be dissatisfied in the long run...I've learned this one the hard way by making decisions based on what I thought I SHOULD be wanting out of life.

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So, depending on your core values, you may naturally favor one option over the other. But also, you can TRY it. Decisions aren't permanent. If you don't like what you chose, choose differently. If you just sit and think about the option that might be best for you, you aren't really gathering much information. But if you make a decision and TRY something out, then you will know FOR SURE if it was the right move for you. Also, keep in mind, it may be the right move for the time and as you continue to learn and grow, something different may be on the horizon for you. IT IS ALL OK. IT IS ALL PART OF THE JOURNEY.

Let me know your personal core values in the comment and if this helped with the next steps if you are considering a change.

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