5 Stocking Stuffers that are Actually Useful for the Traveler in your Life

travel Nov 18, 2022

I could have sworn I just finished an epic Christmas celebration in Mexico with some amazing travel friends, but here we are almost a year later. If you're a traveler or you have some avid travelers in your life, you know gift shopping is hard because "there just isn't space for more stuff in my bag." This is me.

So, this post is 5 of my very favorite, small, lightweight, travel gadgets that truly enhance my travels instead of adding deadweight. They may be perfect for a traveler in your life or for you if you're the traveler.

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Gift Idea for a Traveler #1: Collapsible cups and bowls

I think we can all agree that the world has an incredible amount of waste, but this isn't a blog post on garbage and single-use plastics. The easiest way to make a difference is to start with ourselves which is why I am stoked to bring my collapsible cup and bowl on my travels. 

Instead of receiving a to go cup for my coffee, I open up my cup and hand it over to the barista. Instead of receiving a takeout meal in something horrible like Styrofoam, I uncollapse my bowl. I have nothing but the sweetest memories of the ladies in this tiny Oaxacan eatery who would fill my bowl each afternoon with their meal of the day.

These also come in handy while camping or taking a daytrip. Bonus points because they don't leak!

Gift Idea for a Traveler #2: The Bug Bite Thing

I know there are a handful of us out there who are the mosquito magnet of any group. It doesn't matter what combination of insect repellant we douse ourselves in, the mosquitos find a way. It's because we're "so sweet," right?

I've reached the point where I have accepted I will be bug bitten, BUT I was so excited to find this product that helps relieve the size of the welts and the itchiness factor of the bites. It is actually called the Bug Bite Thing and uses suction to remove the venom that causes pain and itch.

This also came in super handy when I inadvertently stepped on a wasp's nest.

If you notice you're being bitten and use the Thing right away, it is possible that the bite will never even form. If you don't notice until you're experience itchiness, it does help reduce the itch!

Gift Idea for a Traveler #3: Action Camera

Video is more popular than ever and there are many amazing options to capture your travel experiences. I personally have used an older model GoPro in the past which is great, but I now have my eye on either the GoPro Max or Insta360 because I love small, lightweight, and simple. 

I do use my phone for most of my videos, but these are called action cameras for a reason. They are designed to withstand the elements and have built in stabilizers to help you get the best shot. Plus they are waterproof!


Gift Idea for a Traveler #4: Tripod

And when you aren't partaking in all sorts of action, a tripod is a must, especially for a solo traveler. This tripod is SO compact that I have no qualms about lugging it around the world. It folds up into a perfect cylinder which would even fit inside a pocket if needed. Not to mention it comes with a bluetooth remote so say goodbye to self-timer.


Gift Idea for a Traveler #5: An Appropriate Travel Water Bottle

I love my Vapur water bottle which weighs next to nothing while empty and can be folded down and tucked literally anywhere. The size and weight of many water bottles make them a nuisance to carry, but you will not face this issue which packing a Vapur.


Additionally, for the outdoorsy traveler or someone going to a destination where they must filter water, the LifeStraw bottle is where it's at. A lot of times boiling water in a destination isn't good enough due to things like heavy metals (looking at you Mexico), but the LifeStraw is designed to eliminate that. 


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