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It’s Time to Confidently Plan Your Career Break, Sabbatical, or Re-entry With 100% Ease!

Introducing The VIP Career Break Power Session

( 2- hour 1:1 intensive)

If you’ve been dreaming of a career break, need help planning your sabbatical, or looking for guidance on re-entry into the workforce (or starting life as a digital nomad), this laser-focused intensive will guide you through the process.

Get all your questions answered and more!

VIP Career Break Session!
Career Break Coach

It’s time to kiss all those insecurities, worries, and concerns goodbye! With this VIP power session, you will finally begin planning your break or sabbatical with confidence and excitement.  

I know everyone is on a different journey in their lives, career, or goals. That’s why I designed this VIP session to be completely customized to you.

In these sessions, I help individuals break free from these common concerns: 

  • How to start a career break

  • How to enter the workforce after a career break

  • How to transition to remote work +  become a digital nomad

  • Logistics or career break planning

  • Financial planning for a career break

  • Mindset shifts (what's holding you back?)

Not only will you get clear-cut advice depending on your needs, but when you sign up for the 2-hour power VIP session, you will also gain:

  • ✨Direct access to my budget planning spreadsheet 
  • ✨And a 30 minute follow-up session (to check how you’re feeling after our intensive)
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What does a typical session look like?

  • First things first! After signing up for a session, you will receive my career break questionnaire. So I know exactly what you need help with and how to tailor the meeting to you.
  • Next, we will meet via Zoom and get to work on tackling the specific questions and concerns you have. This could be about a career break, sabbatical, or re-entry to the workforce.
  • After your session, you should walk away with all your questions answered and feel confident to take the next steps in your journey. Whether that's a career break, re-entry, or something else.
  • I will also send you my budget planning spreadsheet!

Let’s get you confidently walking towards your career break goals with clarity!

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I’m Ready For a Power Session

 Are you ready to show up in your life, take control of your current situation, and plan an intentional career break or sabbatical?  

Let’s get you started in the right direction! Click the link below to schedule your VIP career break power session today and get excited about the future!

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