Career Break Story: Overcoming the "Work to Travel" Mentality with Robin Finney

Season #1 Episode #18

Robin Finney's story is SO relatable! She had a great job and team, but there was something inside of her telling her there is more out there for her. She finally got clarity during a meditation retreat in 2017 and committed to making her travel dreams a reality!

Nine months later she left her job of 11 years, sold her belongings, let go of her apartment, and bought a one-way ticket to Australia. Robin completely trusted in herself and this experience and knew that she needed to follow her heart and everything would work out. And it did! Robin solo traveled to 20 countries across 6 continents over a period of 18 months up until the pandemic shut everything down. She had picked up freelance work along the way and has since started her own business!

You can learn more about Robin here:

Robin's website




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