Saving Money for a Long-Term Trip or Career Break

Season #1 Episode #10

In today's episode I lay out an easy-to-follow plan to start saving money for your trip. In fact, this is great advice when saving for ANYTHING or simply to start taking control of your finances. 

The first step is to have an awareness of your money situation. If you don't know what is coming in and going out, how are you supposed to make a practical decision around how much to save and what to spend.

I should also note, this episode is NOT about cutting out everything excess and avoiding fun until you leave on your trip. That is no way to live. Saving for something big like a career break is all about having awareness around your circumstances and making empowered decisions that help you meet your goal WHILE enjoying life.

**I am not a financial advisor. I am simply making suggestions from my experience as a money savvy traveler**

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