Why Does Taking a Career Break Feel So Scary?

Season #1 Episode #4

We tend to receive what we focus on...

In this episode we discuss the scarcity mindset vs. the abundance mindset. The corporate world tends to be dripping in scarcity so it is no wonder we carry that with us in everything we do. It serves the employer for us to believe that we are competing for raises and promotions as that motivates people to work harder, right?

Scarcity also looks like money worries and believing we aren't good enough or that we would never be able to score another job if we leave the one we're in now. What if I told you money is renewable resource, that there is plenty to go around. And that having a job is simply evidence that you are capable of scoring another one. A lot of the fears and limiting beliefs surrounding taking a career break stem from our scarcity mindset, so in this episode we address it. We also discuss strategies for trying on an abundance mindset.

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