My Career Break Story

Season #1 Episode #2

As the host of this podcast, I dedicated this episode to sharing my story with an emphasis on the two career breaks I have taken. I touch on:

  • My background in Chemical and Biomolecular engineering
  • My job in the oil field
  • The burnout
  • My exit
  • My trip around the world
  • My re-entry into the workforce and transition to a completely new industry
  • My minor identity crisis and short-lived return to the world of engineering
  • Career Break #2

At this point, I have experienced a very non-linear career. I have an unwavering belief that life is meant to be lived and the world is meant to be explored. My career breaks were the necessary stepping stones for me to rediscover myself and my passions and to open my eyes to the travel possibilities that are available in this world.

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